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Fall 2024 Soccer Season Overview

Welcome to the Fall 2024 soccer season!! 

Fall soccer registration is for 1st-6th grades at Kilgour.  Incoming Kindergarten students will participate in the traditional Friday Night Kindergarten Soccer Program.

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

Non-Kilgour students may play based on available spots. Please note we can not guarantee you child a spot. We will contact you at the close of registration if that is the case.

Kilgour sports continues to use SportsEngine as its registration platform.  You must create a new account to register. 

For this Fall Season, the following payment structure will be in place, so please register early and save!!!

  • $50 Early Bird Registration ends Wednesday June 19th
  • $55 Regular Registration ends Sunday June 23rd

If the season is interrupted for any reason, as directed by the state of Ohio, CPS or SAY East, refunds of league fees will be determined in conjunction with SAY East.  Refunds cannot be guaranteed and any uniform fees will not be refunded.

Registration ends June 23rd, after that your child will be placed on a waiting list and we will see if we can assign her / him to a team from another school who may need players.

Season Overview:

  • Practices will start mid to late August
  • The Fall Season is a 10 game season
  • Games will start the weekend of September 7th/8th and run thru October 20th
  • For the Strikers team (5th/6th graders) the Area Tournament is October 26th/27th and State Tournament is November 9th - 17th.

KSB provides scholarship opportunities to Kilgour students so every child has the ability to participate in a sports program.  


Kilgour soccer has 2 practices a week and up to 2 games on the weekends (no more than 1 a weekend day). If you cannot commit to the games and at least one practice a week, please do not register your child. We understand everyone has other activities going on but to register and then back out after teams and practices are communicated creates a logistical challenge. Additionally, NO REFUNDS will be given if you pull your child out after teams are formed and practices are communicated. Practice times are submitted by the head coach per their preference. If you would like to guarantee certain practice times, please consider being a head coach.

Additionally, SAY Soccer determines teams by birthday. If you like to play “up” with your current grade, please mark “YES” to the question about playing up. SAY also requires teams to be drawn at random. If you want to guarantee your child is on a team with their friend(s), the parents must agree to coach together. Otherwise, the teams are drawn at random. Please don’t send an email requesting your child be on a certain team because their friends are on that team.

Lastly, practice schedules and game schedules are created by the SAY East coordinators, who are also volunteers. As soon as we hear from them about both of these items, we communicate to the coaches immediately so they can let their teams know. Please do not email us and ask when your child’s practice and game times will be. They will be communicated by your head coach and as soon as we hear back from the SAY East coordinators.

Generally, Kilgour soccer has over 200 kids and 50 volunteer coaches. Taking the above into consideration prior to registering your child will be extremely helpful for the volunteer soccer coordinators.

Thank you!

Justin and Sarah
Kilgour Soccer Coordinators

Kilgour Soccer Overview


Kilgour plays in the SAY Soccer program under the Cincinnati SAY East organization.  SAY soccer is a recreational league that emphasizes equal playing time, fun, and a positive environment.  It is not a select or competitive soccer program – any child is welcome to play, regardless of ability.  You can find more information about SAY East at SAY's web site has information on its season calendars, mission, rules and regulations, coaching information and volunteer forms.


Kindergarten Fall Soccer

Incoming kindergarten students are invited to learn soccer skills on Friday nights. The parent-run program is fun for the kids and a great way for parents to socialize. More details will be available at the back-to-school ice cream social.  This is for the Fall Season only – in the spring, Kindergarten students will play in SAY Soccer.



Practices may be cancelled at the discretion of your coach.  Games are rarely cancelled, but if the weather looks bad, you should call the SAY East Field Hot-Line at 513-369-8036 to find out if your game is still on.  All games and practices are automatically suspended for at least 30 minutes if lightning is seen or thunder is heard.    



Kilgour has switched to SportsEngine for all sports registration. The fees are noted on SportsEngine.  Fees should be paid online when you complete registration.  This makes it significantly easier on our parent volunteers.  If you absolutely have to pay via check, please contact the soccer coordinator. 


KSB provides scholarship opportunities to Kilgour students so every child has the ability to participate in a sports program.  Please contact the sport coordinator or see the school office for scholarship information.



Kilgour's current uniform is an all blue uniform.  The soccer uniform consists of an all blue jersey with gold numbers, blue shorts and gold socks.  Players must wear these uniform items for each game.  Please be sure to order your uniform(s) during registration if you have not previously done so. Our uniform coordinator will distribute uniforms prior to the start of the season.


Volunteer Coaches

If you're interested in becoming a coach or assistant coach, please add your information when you register your child(ren) during the registration process. NEW: Starting Spring 2023 volunteer coaches will need to go through the "badge" process at CPS. A head coach will need the purple badge and assistant coaches will need the orange badge.

If you have questions about coaching, please feel free to send an email to the soccer coordinators, Justin Dobbs and Sarah Roche  at


League Rules

Some of the rules of SAY East deserve particular attention.

1.      No Blowouts.  Any team that wins by more than 5 goals is subject to penalty for a “blowout.” 

2.      Parent Behavior.  SAY expects parents and coaches to behave appropriately, particularly with regard to yelling at referees and maintaining positive encouragement.  Kilgour had a couple of isolated incidents of unacceptable parent behavior in past seasons.  Please remember this is an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RECREATIONAL program and act accordingly to set a good example to all the kids on the field.

3.      Cancellations.  SAY has a no cancellation policy because of the difficulty of scheduling referees, fields, and hundreds of teams.  Cancelling a game is a last resort and is only granted in rare circumstances.  If you cannot make a game for whatever reason, be sure to let the coach know as soon as possible.

4.      Divisions.  SAY soccer has three divisions in which Kilgour participates:  Passers, Wings, and Strikers.  Please note that which division your child plays in is determined by your child’s age as of July 31 in the current year, not your child’s grade.  Passers are ages 6-7 and play 6v6, Wings are ages 8-9 and play 8v8, and Strikers are ages 10-11 and play 9v9.

5.      Kickers.     Spring Only - Your child will play in the Kickers division with Walnut Hills if they are 12 years old.  Walnut's spring kickers’ teams are composed of Walnut's 7th graders and 6th graders who come from elementary schools.  Players do not have to be going to Walnut in the fall to play this spring.  Please contact us for registration for Kickers registration.  

6.      Coaches.  We encourage all interested parents to volunteer to coach a team or serve as an assistant coach.  No soccer knowledge or experience is required.  If you would like to coach, please sign up as a “Volunteer” when registering your child and specify whether you would like to be a head coach or an assistant coach. 

7.      Teams.  Teams are assigned randomly by our online registration system.  We do not move children from team to team based on friendship, car pool arrangements, skill level, or similar concerns. 

8.      Games.  Games are played on the weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday. 

9.      Seasons.  The Spring season will begin the last weekend of March/first weekend of April (This season, it is highly possible Kilgour teams will have their first game on the first Sunday in April, 04/03) and end at the end of May.  The fall season will begin the first weekend in September and end at the end of October/early November.  Your coach will communicate your game schedule once it is finalized.  You can also find it on the SAY East website once published. 

9.      Practices.  Once registration is complete (see below), your child will be randomly assigned to a team.  The coach will be a Kilgour parent, and the coach selects the dates and times for practices.  Once teams are formed and the practice fields/schedule determined, your coach will let you know the dates and times for practices.  Typically, practices are twice per week for one hour.  Practices are usually held at Armleder Park, Linwood Field, or Kilgour (for the younger kids).  Practices typically begin in mid/late March for the spring season and in mid August for the fall season (typically 2-4 weeks prior to the beginning of the season).

10.      Weather.  Practices may be cancelled at the discretion of your coach.  Games are rarely cancelled, but if the weather looks bad, you should call the SAY East Field Hotline at 513-369-8036 to find out if your game is still on.  All games and practices are automatically suspended for at least 30 minutes if lightning is seen or thunder is seen.

11.   Equipment.  Your child will need shin guards, a bottle of water, and cleats for all games and practices. Your child will also need to bring a ball to each practice.  Passers use a size 3 ball and Wings and Strikers use a size 4 ball.

12.   No jewelry, including earrings, is allowed during games.

13.   Registration.  It is critical that all registrations are completed on time, as the registration numbers determine team assignments, practice field allocations, game schedules, and pretty much everything else.  THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO HELP KILGOUR SOCCER IS TO REGISTER ON TIME.

Justin Dobbs

Soccer Coordinator

Sarah Roche

Soccer Coordinator